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My Birth

When it came time, Ma went into labor very late in the evening. She was always a spunky gal, but she couldn't understand why this baby was so different! I shifted around properly to come out, but I was not normal size, I was TOO BIG! Both Mere and Nancy were afraid that I was going to be lost. Or Mom was. Anyway, there was great excitement and the lab was buzzing with people who wanted to be my "aunts," "uncles," and "huggie-bears!" Hours went by...

Nancy and Meredith got their wish: Mom was "nested" in a quiet corner of her pen, with lots of grasses and soft lighting, and Mom was monitored and "cammed" around the clock. Mom took great delight in the girls and how they fussed over her, but she chuffed and brayed when strangers bothered her. So when it came time for me to pop out of the oven, the lab notified Nancy and Mere to come quickly. Mom was standing for about an hour as they tried to pull my head through. Exhausted, she slumped down and laid on the grasses, mooing plaintively. After several hours, and no natural childbirth, Mere got the Lab Tech to cut Mom open a bit, and Mere finally went in with gloved arms, and yanked the big bull out, head first.

I plopped out, all brown and covered with yuck! Mere started to wipe me down while the Lab Technicians held Mom down and gave her something to calm her down, but not knock her out. She appreciated the attention, even though she was exhausted.

But there was a problem. Even after the phlegm was sucked out and ordinary means were done to start me breathing, I never did come around. Even after they brought a heart jumpstarter I never came to. Everyone was sad that they were going to "call" my death. They shut the cameras down, and left the two ladies to grieve silently. Everyone was very sad. Everyone except Nancy. She believed that the Totem Spirits chose her and me.
Nancy set up her Prayer Mat, other items and lit candles and prayed for over an hour. Mere said that Nancy started to get this "glow," with little "sparklies" all around her head. Mom also turned her head and laid down by Nancy. Mom KNEW something was coming to her baby boy. Mere said that she swore she heard chanting all around us and felt Presences. Suddenly Nancy's hands started to glimmer and effervesce as she laid her hands upon my chest. Glowing power went out of Nancy into me, and Mere said it looked like I was taking thousands of volts into my system, and I was sparkling silver and golden "sparks" all over the place.

And I shook...violently.
                                      And then started breathing....

Mom looked up at Nancy and licked her quietly. 

"Thank you, my human friend...."

Kristiaan, Dineegla

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My name is Dineegla. I am, what did Kris say again? Oh, yeah. I am a BIG, full rack-antlered Alaskan Moose. But when Kris gets into a playful mood, he calls me his SILLY, full rack-antleered Alaskan Moosie, or Mu, for short. I'm still kinda young, oh, about 3 years old. I guess you would say that's about 8 years old in Moose years, heh heh. I stand pretty close to 10 feet tall at my shoulders, but when I'm doing my human-thang (walking upright), I'm pretty close to 15 feet tall. With the antlers, that is. And those damn antlers are heavy. Last year, I sported a pair that were close to 70 pounds and almost 5 feet across. Wow, I felt like I could conquer a city with those pair!

And I'm glad to meet cha! Kris wants me to jot down my journal about my life. I dunno why I hafta do this, but he sez that it's good for me. Makes me a strong, knowledgeable moose of classical proportions. <snort!> Aw, what does he know anyway? Oh? You want to know who Kris is, and why I keep referring to him? Well, he's, um, well, <scratching my noggin'>, I guess you can say Kris is my Companion, my Liege, my other half. Let's see if I can tell it better:

My Story

You know, people go through life with a husband, or wife, and lotsa snotty-nosed kids. Me? I ain't got no one to speak of. Except I had Ma. My Ma? She was a grand Moose the likes of no one I ain't heard of. One day, she was wandering through the Alaskan Wilderness just doing her own thing. She had a little fling with a big moose up north earlier, and came down to the “lower fifty” for some damn good grazing land. Apparently she was about one to two months along with “yours truly“ when she felt a sharp pain in her shoulder, and went down, out cold.

When Ma came to, she was in this laboratory somewhere in Alberta, Canada. From what she told me, she was really scared. They were pretty nice to her, but she was, um, how did they put it? Oh yeah, a Lab Specimen. Anyway, I guess it was hard on her. But it was more hard on me, ‘cause it was ME that they wanted, not her. You see, they were developing a substance something called Adamantium, and it still wasn’t stable enough to use on humans. They needed to know how to stabilize the compound so that it could be fused to bone to make it stronger. They wanted a bigger thing to work with besides bunnies, and wolves, so they found Ma. What they found was even better, ‘cause Ma was pregnant. With me.

So over the course of Ma’s pregnancy, they kept injecting me with this stuff, and found out that this Adamantium stuff wasn’t fusing to my bones. Actually, it was infusing INTO my bones, creating a bond beyond what they really were looking for. This was an exciting development for them, and they realized how valuable Ma was to them. Another unexpected side effect was that it was also working with the connections of the ligaments and sinews, making my entire muscle AND skeletal structure more powerful, more limber and non-penetrable. Um, I guess that means that it became pretty hard to knock me down, and definitely impossible for me to stay down! It also allowed me to walk upright like a human. Imagine that! Later on, I discovered that I could turn my hoofs into gigantic, powerful human hands and feet, but that’s another story for later.

Close to the end of Ma’s pregnancy, she wasn’t doing too good. I, on the other hand, was doing great. Which was the reason why she was not. You see, I was much bigger than the 30 to 35 pounds a calf weighs at birth. More like 75 pounds! And quite a lot bigger in size, too. Anyway, they realized that it was going to be a hard birth and a few of those lab people there, like Nancy and Meredith, took a shine to Ma. They were very good to her, too. Not because she was invaluable, but because they truly loved her. That's my Ma!

But they almost lost Ma when I was born. If those two nice ladies didn’t stay with Ma round the clock, they couldn’t have helped her when it “came time”. Meredith called it “whelping,” and Nancy kept telling her that whelping was for puppies. But Mere said I was her “puppy,” so it was okay. Puppy? Pretty damn, big puppy, if you ask me.

Nancy loved Ma a lot, ‘cause Nancy was an “Aleut,” a native American Eskimo. Apparently her tribe sent her to medical school and research because an Elder saw her doing great things in a "smoke dream." To the Elders, Nancy, her Tribe, and according to her Eskimo ancestors, Ma was carrying an Aleut “totem spirit.” So Nancy spent loads of time taking care of Ma. Nancy felt “chosen,” and was hoping that I would “honor" and "bless" her Tribe after I was born. But unknown to anyone, Nancy was also injecting some sort of “altered” human DNA into my brain. I guess she wanted to make absolutely sure the “totem spirit” had a great chance of surviving. I did all right, but with the ability to think and reason (and speak!) like a human.

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